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Attorney Fred StanczakThe Law Offices of Frederick M. Stanczak has helped parents of school age children to successfully resolve their disputes with school districts in matters relating to the provision of supports and services to children with disabilities, disciplinary matters and access to the schools and in matters related to estate planning for persons with disabilities and family law. Attorney Stanczak has been practicing law since 1978 and has extensive experience in administrative proceedings and in the state, and federal courts. Contact us at (215) 340-5000 for professional legal services at affordable rates.

Special Education Law

The process of challenging a school district on matters related to a child’s IEP, or individual educational program, is complex and parents are often at a steep disadvantage. That is why the Law Offices of Frederick M. Stanczak is dedicated to assisting you through the process. Our goal is to provide the legal advice and guidance you need to allow you to successfully navigate the educational systtem to achieve success for your children. Nothing is more important than your child’s future. We treat every case with the highest level of care and attention to detail to bring about a successful result.

Family Law, Guardianships and Juvenile Law

There are many times when important decisions must be made that affect families. When faced with the end of a marriage or a co-parenting relationship, it is critically important to receive expert advice to protect your rights to child custody and visitation, equitable distribution of marital property and other financial issues such as alimony. Attorney Stanczak is committed to providing effective representation to his clients in divorce and related proceedings to help to make the correct decisions to achieve a successful result. When a family member requires the appointment of a guardian to protect their interests, Attorney Stanczak is there to provide guidance as to whether a guardianship is warranted and, if so, to bring the matter before the Orphan’s Court.

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