Estate Planning for Persons with Disabilities

Estate Planning is important for all individuals, but even more so for persons with disabilities. Caring for your assets and property in the event you are incapacitated or after you die is a legal matter that should be addressed by everyone, no matter what size estate is at issue. If you die or are unable to care for yourself, your estate may move into Probate Court, where a judge can appoint an executor to manage your estate. This will undoubtedly be a stranger who knows nothing about you, your wishes or concerns. You can easily avoid this problem by doing some simple estate planning now.

Attorney Frederick M. Stanczak

Has been working with Pennsylvania clients for over 30 years, offering expert legal advice and representation. His specialties include Estate Planning, Family Law, Education and Disability Law. He has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals and win their legal battles. He strongly believes that each client deserves individualized legal strategies, and he takes the time needed to work with his clients to determine which legal strategies will help them reach those goals.

Pennsylvania Estate Planning for Persons with Disabilities Lawyer

Some clients need to find a Pennsylvania Estate Planning for persons with disabilities lawyer to gain peace of mind should future events cause problems. When you have a valid will, trust or documents like Powers of Attorney set up in advance of need, you can relax and stop worrying about potential problems like probate. Persons with disabilities have special needs to address, and the best way to do this is by establishing legal directives in advance. These documents also are a great benefit to heirs who may not understand your concerns without these directives.

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