Education Law

While everyone accepts the importance of a high quality education in our society, not everyone is aware of the challenges some students, and their parents, face in obtaining such an education. As a parent or guardian you want what is best for your child, but there are times when the education system fails to provide your child the education he or she deserves – either through discrimination, excessive disciplinary measures or through failure to provide adequate special education.

Pennsylvania Education Law Attorney

The law ensures that every child has the right to an education regardless of race, gender or disability. Attorney Frederick M. Stanczak believes that you and your child are entitled to fair treatment from your school district and that your child should have his or her educational needs met. He has been helping children and their parents and guardians since 1999, and he is ready to put his experience to work for you.

The law requires that your child receive adequate instruction from the school district, including education that is tailored to account for any disabilities the child might have. Unfortunately, schools do not always meet this challenge. This leaves parents in the very difficult position of attempting to advocate for their child in a public school setting, which often involves complex legal and educational issues. Without knowledgeable legal counsel it can be overwhelming for parents to effectively negotiate with the child’s school district or IEP team.

The Law Offices of Frederick M. Stanczak offers a range of services from consultation and advice through litigation of a claim in the due process hearing system. Call us for an initial free consultation at 215 340 5000.

A Universal Problem

Our clients come from all walks of life. This includes traditional families, single parents and guardians. Their incomes vary widely as well. What they all have in common, however, is a strong desire to do what is best for their children. They know that the school should do everything it can to educate their children and they want to know how to ensure this happens.

Through numerous successful cases we have proven our ability to make school districts change their ways. Our rates are reasonable and our payment schedules account for your current income. If your child is being denied an appropriate education, please do not hesitate to call our firm. The sooner we begin your case, the sooner we can set things right.

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