Guardianship is a protective status that qualified persons obtain when they must care for someone else’s minor child or children or for an adult who is not able to make financial or life decisions, often because of disability. The law allows for differing levels of control over the decision-making of the incapacitated person. The Law Offices of Frederick M. Stanczak, Doylestown, PA, offers legal representation to those seeking to establish a guardianship, to the respondents in guardianship petitions where legal representation is needed to protect their rights and to court-appointed guardians who require legal assistance and advice in regard to their obligations as guardians.

Attorney Frederick M. Stanczak

As a Pennsylvania Attorney for the past 30 years, Attorney Frederick M. Stanczak has seen all types of cases that involve Family Law, Guardianship and care of minor children. Sometimes a divorce or sudden death in a family pushes the minor children into situations that require legal management. Parents should always consider the best interests of their minor children by having a will or trust in place, and by appointing guardians to care for minor children in case they are unable to do so.

Pennsylvania Guardianship Lawyer

If you seek expert legal representation and advice about guardianship, trust your concerns to Frederick M. Stanczak, a Guardianship Lawyer serving Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Philadelphia & Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania. He has the knowledge and experience to help parents and families to understand their legal options and to develop and implement an individualized plan that addresses each clients’ unique needs through the establishment of estate plans that include special needs trusts, powers of attorney and guardianships.

Caring Legal Representation

Attorney Stanczak cares about his clients and gives each case the individual attention and strategy it deserves. You are welcomed and kept up to date on the progress of your case by a lawyer who understands your conceerns and works to help you develop and achieve your goals in a cost effective manner that meets your needs.

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