S.K. v. Upper Moreland School District, ODR No. 1548 10-11 AS (2012)

Attorney Stanczak represented the parents of a high school age student with multiple disabilities, including Autism, Mental retardation and ADHD, in their claim for compensatory education for the past failure to provide the student with an appropriate education and to obtain a ruling addressing the lack of an appropriate IEP for the current year.  After an extensive hearing, the Special education Hearing Officer found that the school district failed to provide the student with an appropriate behavior support program and also failed to provide adequate transitional services and awarded substantial compensatory education and further ordered the Approved Private School, where the student was placed, to develop and implement an appropriate behavior support program for the student.  The Hearing Officer also ordered the District and the approved private school to provide adequate transitional services, including travel training.   The decision of the Hearing Officer led to a reconsideration of the behavioral programming for this student as well as for other students with behavior issues in the Approved Private School.

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